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Preparing for your Charter

Congratulations, now that you have booked your adventure of a lifetime with us, here’s a few things you might like to consider before you board your vessel.

Getting here

Getting to the Whitsundays is easy. You can fly, drive or catch a train or bus - your journey is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Once you're here, there are plenty of ways to get around.

Travel Insurance

Everyone wants their charter boat holiday to go ahead as planned, but occasionally the unexpected happens. That's why we recommend travel and cancellation insurance.

What’s Included?

Now that you have booked your boat for your self-sail holiday, we will have sent you a complete itemised list of everything that comes with your vessel (or you can see what's included on a bareboat here). All of our vessels come with linen, pillows and bath towels, everything you could possibly need in the kitchen or “galley”, basic expendables such as detergent, soaps and garbage bags, safety and navigation equipment.

Your boat is also fully equipped with lifejackets for everyone on board, snorkel masks, snorkels and fins (remember to make a special request if you need children’s sizes) as well as a variety of other boating and safety accessories that you might not currently be familiar with, however, we guarantee you will find them handy!

You will need to bring your own personal items. For packing list tips, see this post: Bareboat Charter Packing List

Add on some Extra Equipment

If you’re up for a bit of activity on your boating holiday, or perhaps have active kids on board that you want to tire out, you may wish to hire some additional equipment from us to take out on your boat with you. We can load you up with:

• Stand up paddleboard

• Single Sea Kayak

• Double Sea Kayak

There is an additional cost involved in hiring these items for your trip, contact us for pricing and remember to pre-book your extra equipment.

Organise Stinger Suits

If your Whitsunday adventure is taking place between October and May you will be bareboating in our stinger season. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in the water, you just need a stinger suit. Stinger suits are one-piece lycra suits with a hood and gloves that cover your whole body except for your face. While not the most fashionable thing you will ever wear, they certainly protect you from harmful jellyfish and they won't impact your enjoyment snorkelling or swimming in our tropical waters.

We suggest that guests hire a stinger suit all year round because they will protect you from the sun and keep you warmer during the cooler months

Your Whitsundays Cruising Itinerary

We are happy to assist you with customising an itinerary to suit the weather and wind conditions on your charter. If you are in the planning stages and want an overview of a suggested route and sights to see, ask us to send you some sample itineraries or check out the 7-day Whitsunday yacht charter itinerary our blog. You can always go where the wind takes you and plan each day as you feel instead of planning a locations itinerary prior to your holiday.

What do I need to bring?

Apart from food and clothing all vessels come fully equipped. Bring light personal clothing, a book, camera and possibly a tracksuit for the cooler months between June and September. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are musts. The after-dark dress code on all resorts is neat casual. See our packing list for a more detailed list on what to bring on your bareboat charter.

Consider Provisioning

We work with several local provisioning companies who can deliver catering, shopping, platters and drinks to your vessel. Provisioning takes the hassle out of meal planning and shopping, plus our suppliers know all the tricks in the trade for packing light and smart in a small galley kitchen.

Read our blog

We have an expert blogger here at Whitsunday Rent A Yacht. Our blogs provide loads of great info for you to have a read through prior to your boating holiday. Whether you’re looking to hunt down the best snorkelling, fishing or brush up on your sailing knowledge, or you would like to know a little more about the Great Barrier Reef, there’s bound to be something that will interest you and help you prepare.

Book an excursion from your holiday

Perhaps you are celebrating something special on yourself sail holiday and would like to treat yourself or someone onboard your boat to a special outing! Check out some of the extra things you can do during your charters, such as a scenic flight or Great Barrier Reef tour.